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Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a process which can refurbish your wheels to their original shiny condition. We have a choice of popular standard colours including Silver, Grey, Black , White - for bespoke jobs, we have an extensive range of colours that we can order to suit your requirements.

Wheels are stripped back, blasted and cleaned, before a thourough inspection and repair of damage such a scuffs, kerb damage and buckles. Wheels are then placed in our custom built oven to prepare them for the paint application. The paint application is then baked and lacquer is applied to give amazing shine. After a final bake, we let the wheels slowly cool before adding new valves & refitting tyres. Wheels are then balanced before going back on the car. 

Diamond Cutting

Following the same steps as our Powder Coating Process, prior to lacquering,  wheels can then be Diamond Cut in our CNC Diamond Cutting Machine. Wheels suitable for Diamond Cutting have a surface which resembles the shiney look of a cd. 

Operated by out trained technician, the CNC machine takes a profile of the wheel. When the wheel is ready for Diamond Cutting, the CNC machine works it's magic with its diamond tip to bring the surface of the alloys back to a high shine. Lacquer is applied, then a final bake - and your shiney wheels are ready to impress.

Vapour & Dry Media Blasting

Perfect for cleaning components of various shapes and sizes. These methods of cleaning remove coatings, corrosion and residues - giving clean and consistent results with no dust or contaminants getting in the way. 

Alloy Welding

Alloy Welding is a saviour for chipped, cracked or buckled wheels, eventhoug they may look like they are beyond repair. We will inspect the wheel to assess the suitability for repair. Once repaired, the smooth, seamless area on the surface of your wheel will have you guessing where the damage was.

Wheel Straightening

Eventhough you can't see it - your wheel may be out of shape! Potholes and kerb damage being the main causes. Excessive tyre wear or shaking of the steering wheel may be tell tale signs. We are happy to inspect your wheels & with the right equipment and skills we can straighten out the buckles.

Dip & Strip

Wheel and can be chemicaly stripped back to remove flaking paint and corrosion, leaving no scratches from sanding or abrasives.

New Tyres

If you just need new tyres - we can do this too.  We can suit your budget, whether your looking for lower end economy tyres or premium brands. Our prices for supply and fit of tyres are very competitive and we can often beat or match the price of other local suppliers.

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